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Saudi Arabia, like the fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members, does not currently have a compulsory military service for its citizens.
The result is that Turkey's defense falls on the shoulders of the less wealthy and the less educated -- the less educated because those who can afford to attend university and defer their military service are often the ones at whom the buyout program is aimed.
Those who fail the general secondary school certificate exams will have their admission to the military service centres postponed until they do a re-test.
The order also offers conscription of Turkmen male citizens in April-June 2014, who have no right for postponement from military service, who were 18 years old on the day of conscription, and the older citizens who no longer have the right to deferment from military service.
Introducing military service will notonly see this number quickly swellby more than double, but it will also decrease reliance on foreign support during peacetime.
Reducing military service was a commitment President Nicos Anastasiades made before the 2013 presidential election.
He said all Emirati youths between 18 and 30 will be required to carry out military service.
The Kurdish Globe By Salih Waladbagi--Erbil A member of the Defense and Security Committee in Iraq's National Assembly has said that the committee has prepared a draft of obligatory national military service and will send it to office of General Commanding of Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense in order to reach a final draft.
It also dedicated a toll-free customer service telephone number for bank customers who are military service members or veterans.
First he said his party would submit a bill to parliament on shortened military service by payment.
RIGA -- The Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) is considering reinstating mandatory military service if its budget is cut any further, said Airis Rikveilis, head of the Defense Ministry bureau.
Also, most private-sector physicians and other clinicians are unaware of the potential connection between health problems and military service.
DOD's quality assurance program relies on quarterly reports from each military service, monthly reports from AFHSC, and site visits to military installations to oversee the military services' compliance with deployment health assessment requirements, including completion of PDHRA.
This reference for a general audience addresses recent history and contemporary issues regarding military service in the U.
Extended military service creates hardships for both the employee and the employer.
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