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a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons

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Armed assailants attacked on Monday morning a military position killing soldier Mohammed al-Bahloli and wounding others, the official said, adding that the a number of the assailants were killed and injured.
They may be released or granted suspension, as the commission shall examine the military position of the youth entitled for family release, suspension or exclusion from military service.
The papers did not mention his military position as commander-in-chief of Defense Services as that is not required by protocol.
The IOF spokesman denied yesterday that there is any connection between the decision to set up a military position on the abandoned base and the efforts of the settlers.
Leonard (Center for European Reform) is convinced the US has cast itself in stone over the course of the twentieth century, leaving room for the European Union (EU) to take over as a political and economic superpower, noting that its relatively weak military position may prove to be a blessing in disguise.
His military position was farcical and his paintings poor.
He has said it would not look right for him to now take up an honorary military position and told friends: "You will never see me in uniform ever again.
military position is going to be strengthened in South Asia and it has the seeds of a possible future conflict with China, Russia, making Asia into a future conflict zone.
He brings to Vestar unequaled leadership and administrative skills, as demonstrated by his success in the highest military position in the U.
NNA - The Israeli army said it struck a Syrian military position on Thursday after presumed "errant fire" hit the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan Heights.
Prayuth retains his military position as top army commander as well as Thailand's prime minister.
Opposition 'inclined to accept Shara' Turkey on Oct 12 shelled a Syrian military position south of Tal-Abyad, as part of bombardments of Syrian military positions since Oct 10's killing of five civilians in a shell that smashed into a Turkish town from across the border.
Turkey had on Friday shelled a Syrian military position south of Tal-Abyad, as part of bombardments of Syrian military positions since Wednesday's killing of the five civilians.
Instead of travelling to Egypt, they can appear before the military judicial commission in the embassy, pay the fine equivalent of Dh2,163 and amend their military position and be released," Col Saad told Khaleej Times.
Salva Kiir Mayardit, will have to relinquish his military position in order to run for the elections.
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