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a member of the military police who polices soldiers and guards prisoners

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The woman's son drove, while Rookie and the other military policeman provided the armed escort.
The 4th Regiment Royal Military Policeman died from a single shot through the side of his ribcage near Sangin in Helmand province of Afghanistan in December 2009.
RESPECT: Colonel Dudley Giles visits the war grave of Birkenhead military policeman Corp Steven Boote who is buried at Landican Cemetery.
Lieutenant Colonel David Wakefield, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: "It is my sad duty to confirm the death of a soldier, a Royal Military Policeman, in an explosion earlier today in Helmand Province.
military policeman in connection with his involvement in a taxi holdup in March.
Robert Bragg, a 24-year-old military policeman who lives in Dayton, Ohio, was at his house at about 1:30 p.
Michael Somuk, a security forces military policeman with the 886th Expeditionary Security Force Squadron, described the atmosphere at the range as "comfortable with friendly competition.
The father of a military policeman killed by an Iraqi mob conceded yesterday that his son's killers would never be brought to justice.
AMERICAN military policeman Bryan Anderson, 25, lost both legs and most of his left arm in a bomb blast in Baghdad in 2005.
A surfer as a teenager in Manhattan Beach, Sorensen had been a lifeguard and an Army military policeman before joining the Sheriff's Department 12 years earlier.
He enlisted in the Air Force in 1953 and served as a military policeman.
Police and military police opened fire after one of 50 villagers representing 218 families in the conflict stabbed a military policeman with a knife when court officials issued and executed a verdict that called on the villagers to leave the disputed area, Tan Svang said.
The Welsh dad of a Royal Military Policeman killed in Iraq is to stand as a candidate against Prime Minster Tony Blair in the General Election.
In an initial Army enlistment, Hawkins served as a military policeman for three years.
Jeremy Sivits, a junior military policeman charged with 4 counts of abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, is due to be tried on May 19 in a hearing open to the public.
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