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AG KPK Latif Yousufzai told in his formulation that case can be registered against in-service military personnel however it will have to be seen in what court the trial will be conducted.
The statement said, "they were charged to collect information regarding a military personnel who was living near the area mentioned and who is claimed to leak information.
The DoD says that some military personnel were exposed to chemical herbicides in the Korean Demilitarized Zone.
At this point, approximately 1,000 DOD civilians, contractors, and military personnel have been through the training.
Some errors, not yet updateable online, must be corrected by the local military personnel flight or commander's support staff.
SI International's strong background and expertise in military personnel support services at the U.
But the limited social freedom that John, Laura, and other military personnel enjoy with their loved ones in peacetime disappears in times of war.
Though the hospital served active and retired military personnel, most of its emergency room doctors were civilians.
SPC Thomas is correct: I said group life insurance available to military personnel is free.
military personnel from directly engaging in humanitarian demining, and places limits on the amounts of material aid that can be provided by DoD to countries participating in this program.
Border Patrol has used military personnel along the Mexican border.
In late September, President Clinton signed legislation providing a substantial increase in funding for research on the possible causes of and cures for Gulf War syndrome, the mysterious illness afflicting military personnel who served in the 1991 Gulf War and some of their family members.
WASHINGTON -- The national association working to ensure the health and welfare of enlisted military personnel, and veterans in particular, is joining a coalition to preserve one of the most valued benefits of military service.
ANKARA, Jul 1, 2009 (TUR) -- The Turkish president, prime minister and army chief discussed on Tuesday a legal arrangement paving the way for trial of military personnel.
PALMDALE Dinner, dancing to swing and big-band tunes and vintage and modern military aircraft will be featured at the Antelope Valley's third annual tribute to military personnel and veterans.
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