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It is difficult to adequately express what these calls mean to military personnel over the holidays," said Dr.
The program involves military personnel stationed on ships or at ground-based MARS stations around the world transmitting via radio frequencies to hundreds of MARS stations in the United States.
69 percent of active-duty military personnel had used a payday advance in the past five years and only 1.
Package prices are available for $52 for adults and $44 for seniors, students, military personnel and youth.
It is important to note that these numbers are only for enlisted personnel and not all military personnel.
MARS is known for MARSGRAMS and radio-telephone calls placed for military personnel overseas.
Since 1985, more than 700 Vietnam military personnel remains have been identified and returned.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Labor and Industry Secretary Tom Foley today said that, as a result of recently enacted federal legislation, former military personnel are entitled to the same benefits as other unemployed workers in Pennsylvania.
The development of a safe and effective cholera vaccine is important for protecting residents, travelers and military personnel from cholera in endemic areas.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - Full funding for two major fighter jet projects, money to continue developing unmanned aircraft, and a pay raise for military personnel will all be part of the 2004 defense appropriations awaiting final approval by Congress.
military personnel free tickets to its live events worldwide as another way for the company to show its gratitude for their service to their country.
Under an executive order, those serving on active duty during the war on terrorism are immediately eligible to apply for naturalization; in the past year, 7,500 military personnel have sought citizenship.
From the computer in her home, this Chatsworth woman has been reaching out across the country trying to find jobs for returning military personnel and other veterans.
The new products will combine FreeLinc's unique Near-field Magnetic Communications (NFMC) technology with Peltor's proven under-the-helmet dual-ear designs -- offering military personnel the freedom of wireless operation without sacrificing reliable, secure communications.
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