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supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government

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Our Military issues are always an exciting time in the ECN world.
Prosecutor David Webster said: "The items involved are day sacks and military issue footwear.
And not just any Republican, but the most popular member of his party in the country and perhaps the only politician whose credibility on military issues overshadowed Rumsfeld's: Sen.
Geoff Hoon yesterday insisted it is purely a military issue, nothing to do with the US election.
Tailhook wasn't the first time a complicated military issue was reduced to a simple morality play of bad men oppressing virtuous women.
Dilawar has been appointed to resolve civil and military issue, he said.
On the gays in the military issue, I think it's important to remember--
Clinton wants to nullify the military issue," Eland says.
Welsh wants the consent age raised to 21, and also body-swerved the military issue.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The issue of the Anbar is a military issue , not a political , therefore it cannot be discussed in the House of Representatives , on the grounds that the armed forces are fighting the terrorists of ISIS , backed by Anbar tribes .
I think Danny has also handled the military issue very well.
There is a tendency to pretend that women don't exist, both in the military issue and now with the Scouts," she says.
To those who argue that, however bad the Clinton record is, the alternative would always have been worse, the military issue provides a damning response.
The tool became standard military issue from World War II through Desert Storm to the present," said Mark Scheifley, General Manager of family-owned Pro Tool Industries.
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