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In the past, military installations were often located in isolated areas with few residents and little development.
To still receive adequate service from the carriers, military installations must adapt its operations as well, to include around the clock access and adequate space for storage of in-transit shipments.
We are presently bidding on numerous military installation projects which, if awarded, would add substantially to our success.
government military installations throughout New Mexico and Texas has been renewed.
Based on the trilateral agreement, setting up military installations within four kilometer of the zero-point is prohibited, interior ministry said, adding that the Pakistani forces were looking to act against the agreement during the past few days.
2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Governor Tom Corbett today signed an executive order to establish a commission to examine and advocate for Pennsylvania's military installations and the important role they play in our local economy and national security.
The team used WSR-88D (NEXRAD) radar to investigate spring and fall migrations at 40 military installations across the United States, and to identify stopover hotspots based on radar images of birds departing from installation habitats ("exodus events").
Kudaiberdiev reportedly suggested that Russia unite its five military installations in Kyrgyzstan into one large military base.
As a service to our military customers, we routinely handle demil operations for various munitions and respond to requests from military installations for reclamation and recycling of military items.
The task order requires Corrpro to perform engineering services as well as design and installation of cathodic protection systems, field inspections and surveys in military installations worldwide.
The Pearl Harbor Survivors National Reunion, conducted every five years since the end of World War II, is expected to attract more than 300 living survivors of the attack against Hawaiian military installations on Dec.
WASHINGTON -- Five military installations were honored here today for their effective business management, support, and operational practices.
Our excellent rail and highway connections to major military installations make us a very cost-effective port for strategic and defense cargo.
The company's products are used to protect government buildings, military installations and private enterprise worldwide against terrorism.
Governors Island is a historic jewel that has intrigued observers for nearly two centuries, during which it served as a base for military installations," said Pataki.
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