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ANOVAs and post hoc testing of the SCL-90 data revealed a significant statistical difference in the somatization, anxiety, hostility, and other factors as well as the positive item total between the peacekeeper and military groups (see Table 1).
The funding process, contacting of military groups to search for participants, vetting process by military groups, coordination with SOUTHCOM's J-8 for funding (Developing Countries Combined Exercises Program Funds), and logistics plans are necessary to ensure the operations are safely and successfully executed.
On 25 July, the interim military group and interim political and security committee met, too.
The NDA's main military group is the Sudan People's Liberation Army [SPLA].
Military Group at El Salvador's Ilopango Air Base, was a critical operative in the contra resupply outfit run by Oliver North and Richard Secord.
Military Group Colombia and the AFSOUTH Air Operations Coordination Cell (AAOCC) in Colombia.
The prosecution also uccused the Brotherhood of forming a military group with Hamas, in addition to working with 'takfiri' groups in Sinai in attempts to overthrow the regime.
Kano, Nigeria, Sha'ban 11, 1435, Jun 9, 2014, SPA -- Nigeria's army killed 50 members of Boko Haram military group in northern Borno State, the Defense Ministry said Monday.
The civilian group will be led by Senator Bam Aquino, representing Senator Butch Aquino, while the military group will be headed by actor Dingdong Dantes, who will represent former President Fidel Ramos.
In a statement on its Facebook page, "Brigade 313-Special Forces," which calls itself "an independent military group fighting in Syria," said it staged the attack over Hezbollah's military intervention in Syria.
For the peacekeeper group, the scores of social boldness and abstractedness were significantly lower than the military group (p = .
The most powerful military group said that it had killed 200 Sudanese soldiers during fighting in South Darfur while losing 4 on their end.
Last month Israel alleged that Syria was providing the Shiite military group Hizbullah with long-range Scud missiles.
Shiite military group Hizbullah has said that the way the U.
This military group will act according to the Iraqi Constitution, Dr.
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