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the head of a government established by the military (as in a defeated country)

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Following his time at Belsen, he was appointed Military Governor of Schleswig-Holstein and was released from the army at the end of 1946, rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
He served in the succeeding military governments of Generals Murtala Muhammed and Olusegun Obasanjo (1975-1979): first as military governor of Northeastern State, then as Commissioner for Petroleum and Natural Resources.
Joseph Gallieni, the military governor of Paris who concocted the plan, ordered the taxis to gather on a grassy esplanade in front of the gold-domed Invalides military museum, which honors war victims and is the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte.
The book explains the trend that accounted for the personality clash between General Yakubu Gowon, the military head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the military governor of the eastern region and the head of (defunct) Biafran state, Lt-Col.
One newspaper quoted the former military governor of Israel's southern district saying: "This sort of maintenance needs to be carried out from time to time, perhaps even more often.
Between the beginning of 2004 and the end of 2013, the Israeli military governor issued an estimated7,171 orders allowing Palestinians to be held without charge or trial.
In December 1944 he was very badly wounded, which put an end to his fighting days, although he continued serving as a military governor until 1948.
As military governor of Tennessee, Johnson's energetic exercise of authority reinforced an already defiant, combative, and, at times, inflexible approach to political life.
Military governor Colonel Abdullah al-Saidi declared a "state of alert" and ordered all soldiers to report for duty at their barracks, in what was the first such confrontation between the army and Libya's heavily-armed top jihadist group.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The military governor of Libya's Benghazi escaped an assassination attempt that killed a member of his entourage and seriously wounded another.
The city's military governor escaped an assassination attempt that killed a member of his entourage and seriously wounded another, a security official said.
aACAoHe is a former Panamanian politician and soldier -- he was military governor of Panama from 1983 to 1989.
Egyptian deputy military governor decided to put Mubarak under house arrest.
However, the military governor of Paris 6 whose department is in charge of organizing the 'Bastille Day' parade 6 confirmed that the defense forces are indeed seeking to cut costs this year.
Wyatt, military governor of the Marshall Islands, March 1946
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