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a judicial court of commissioned officers for the discipline and punishment of military personnel

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If any one of the principles including decision beyond constitutional jurisdiction, malafide intent in the decision and Coram non judice which are laid down in the constitution is violated in decision of the court then high court can review the matters of the convicts sentenced by military court no matter they are civilian or army men and can give decision on merit.
In October, the Military Prosecution in Tanta referred 16 alleged members of the Muslim Brotherhood to military court on charges of participating in the killing of three military academy students in Kafr Al-Shiekh last April.
BEIRUT: The Military Court Friday sentenced an anti-government activist to two weeks behind bars after he was convicted of assaulting security forces.
She noted cases where people are convicted as violation of their right to expression have been constantly increasing, adding in, "On the same day the military court in Chiang Mai handed a 28 year prison term to a woman working in a hotel for posting 7 comments on face book that were critical of the monarchy.
The first briefly examines the history of marital law as it was used in the British Empire, the state of affairs in Ireland by 1920, and the structure of the Military Court.
Sadly, Somalia's new military court chairman, Colonel Abdirahman Mohamed Turyare, has boasted of flagrant violations of these requirements under international law.
The Salem military court sentenced on Monday Mahmoud Tayyem, from Nablus, to 11 months in prison, of which 10 months were the period left in his earlier 34-month sentence at the time of his release.
Ten days ago, on December 11, a military court in Benghazi charged Abdul-Jalil, the former chairman of the National transitional Council, NTC, in connection with the killing of the former commander of the anti-Gaddafi forces, General Abdel-Fattah Younis, who was assassinated in Benghazi on July 28 last year.
Ninewa Military Court Chairman escaped assassination attempt NINEWA/ Aswat al-Iraq: Chairman of Ninewa Military Court escaped assassination attempt by an explosive north of the city, according to security sources.
The work looks at several of the most important upper tier trials in specific detail and discusses the legal and procedural questions and problems confronted by the military court system in these trials.
The panel of judges of the military court considered the request of the military prosecutor's office seeking cancellation of the ruling of the military court of Bishkek garrison of 20 December 2011 for former Chairman of the State National Security Committee Murat Sutalinov.
Nabil, jailed by a military court for defaming the army, had his prison term reduced to two years from three in December following criticism from international human rights groups.
THE Military Court of Cassation in the BDF Military Judiciary yesterday held its first session to consider objections raised against one of the verdicts issued by the Military High Court of Appeal, presided over by the Military Judiciary's director Judicial Colonel Yusuf Rashid Flaefil.
LEFKOSA, Mar 14, 2011 (TUR) -- One of two Greek Cypriots who were detained on Saturday for illegally trespassing on a restricted military area of Maras (Varosha) in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) appeared in a military court on Sunday.
Rawalpindi, Feb 26(ANI): An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Pakistan has dismissed an appeal for shifting the case of suicide attacks on former president Pervez Musharraf to a military court.
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