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Synonyms for military

Synonyms for military

relating to, characteristic of, or performed by troops

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

Synonyms for military

the military forces of a nation

Related Words

characteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military

associated with or performed by members of the armed services as contrasted with civilians


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The question addressed in this paper relates to learning theories that are suitable in designing simulation courseware to be used in tertiary military academies.
Reagan was not the first leader to connect games and sport to military skill, explains Village Voice film and literary critic Ed Halter in From Sun Tzu To X-Box, an interesting if unfocused survey of the history of playing at combat, an activity that has captivated men and boys since war and play were invented.
The three-year effort--which is part of the Military Equipment Valuation (MEV) Initiative--marks a change in the way the Department does business.
In Colombia, domestic conflicts with guerrillas and drug traffickers force the military to stock up differently in order to prosecute its particular kind of war.
For the war in Iraq, the port has handled more military cargo than any other U.
While "warfighting" and "crimefighting" clearly are different professions, both military officers and law enforcement managers often operate in a similar environment frequently filled with uncertainty, crisis, and danger, as well as complicated by a considerable responsibility for the well-being of others.
The presence of military recruiters in high schools does not force students to join the military; it simply alerts them to an option.
References to "military targets" and "collateral damage," he says, allow us to forget that "enduring military installations have been built on the rubble of historic towns" and that "25,000 to 100,000 ordinary Iraqis--civilians--have been hurt by American military actions.
Chief among them was an increasing tendency of America's political class to task the military "with a variety of new, nontraditional 'missions,' and vastly escalating its commitment to formerly ancillary duties.
14, to participate in Military Appreciation Monday.
The region's military public affairs officers formed a joint information bureau to prepare press releases and sent a representative to the county's emergency operations center to coordinate military-civilian announcements to the public.
After graduating from the Indonesian Military Academy, and having many military assignments, training and education back home, I had the luxury of being sent to the United States for further training, including here at Fort Leavenworth.
I think the report spells out the route we have to follow in order to protect our military asset,'' said state Sen.
invoked it to authorize military action against Iraq in 1991, during the first Gulf War.
military continues to believe that they are having a negative effect on morale or cohesion because of their sexuality.