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Synonyms for militaristic

Synonyms for militaristic

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

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imbued with militarism

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TEHRAN (FNA)- A visit by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the flashpoint Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo Thursday prompted China to condemn the move, saying it glorifies Japan's "history of militaristic aggression".
It had absolutely no effect at all on any other political ideology apart from militaristic attitudes.
Iran has always been a critic of the West's militaristic approach towards the Afghan issue.
The militaristic, vulgar, violent side of a relationship on the down slope.
BEIJING - North Korea's official media criticized Tuesday Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's move toward revising the Constitution, calling it ''a dangerous attempt'' aimed at pursuing ''a militaristic policy of aggression.
This warm recollection stands in disconcerting contrast to the spectacle of the girls' militaristic training.
Go back to the Dickensian social services in which you really believe: the poorhouse, the county farm, the workhouse for widows and orphans and delinquents, where they can see early on what life is under a militaristic government burdened by trillions in debt, run by and for the international superrich.
Or is it just another costume for the same macho, militaristic, conquest fantasy that dominates so much of popular culture?
In fact, Wiebe argues that the problem is not nationalism per se but the appropriation of national sentiments by a militaristic state.
More often than not they dance in militaristic unison, performing clipped, precise phrases that etch the angles of Marin's spatial patterns, and then conclude without resolving or evolving the phrase.
The Japanese official said Roh said Koizumi's Yasukuni visits represent ''a challenge to South Korea'' and are generating concern that Japan may be returning to its militaristic past.
You know Washington is sinking into quicksand whenever you start hearing that the United States should go through with its militaristic plans because if it doesn't, America will lose credibility.
The degree to which that path is emblazoned on their bodies--from hobnailed boots to stem shaved heads, across all the coded adornment in between (tattoos, militaristic garb, symbolic T-shirt insignias)--makes these men excellent candidates for highly rhetorical portraiture.
There is an assertiveness about it that is clearly militaristic," he said.