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Synonyms for milestone

stone post at side of a road to show distances


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a significant event in your life (or in a project)

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There was another milestone, a sad one, marking a little grave under a willow tree at Sunnybrook Farm.
When Rebecca looked back upon the year or two that followed the Simpsons' Thanksgiving party, she could see only certain milestones rising in the quiet pathway of the months.
I wonder what she'll think about the mystery of Golden Milestone," remarked Felicity.
Golden Milestone was the beautiful name the Awkward Man had given his home; and there was a mystery about it, as readers of the first volume of these chronicles will recall.
I do b'lieve, too, as that there un'd sooner break his heart than let us go by him afore next milestone.
At the second milestone the boys pulled up short, and waved their hats to the guard, who had his watch out and shouted "4.
On the roadside there are milestones, and likewise cisterns, where each thirsty passer-by can drink some good water.
Well, Major Dobbin passed through all this from Southampton to London, and without noting much beyond the milestones along the road.
Under the terms of the transaction, Milestone Scientific issued 4,090,000 new restricted shares to Milestone Medical investors.
Mayflex has been distributing the Milestone XProtect Software Suite and NVR solutions for 6 years, via a network of accredited partners.
Milestone China is a joint venture distribution company between Milestone Scientific and a team of senior healthcare executives from China.
Spec-wise, the Milestone 2 is pretty standard fare for a smartphone these days, with a 1GHz processor under the hood along with 8GB of on-board memory with a microSD slot for expansion.
Jim will touch all departments at MILESTONE," continues Chand.
Milestone 5 FOUNDATIONS of Aquatics Centre to have been completed with work on the building's structure well under way.
JVC and Milestone Systems will cooperate on the technology development and marketing of IP security solutions.