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stone post at side of a road to show distances


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The Richardson Highway is being resurfaced and repaired at three locations: mileposts 14 to 26, mileposts 115 to 129 and at milepost 296.
5 miles of northbound State Route 151 in Linn County, from milepost 30.
During July and August, without lodging reservations, you take your chances,'' said Roxanne Brown, whose family operates the Westend RV Park in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, at Milepost 283 along the Alaska Highway.
Chip seal will be applied to the highway from Milepost 11, near Dexter, to Milepost 27.
The project will extend from Richardson Highway Milepost 355 to Highway Milepost 347, popularly known as Mile 9, to the easterly portion of the City of North Pole.
Central Road, Veneta (Highway 126, Milepost 0 to south of Petzold Road, Milepost 3.
today announced its network has passed the 100,000 milepost.
The Nevada Department of Transportation (DEPARTMENT) proposes to construct scour countermeasures for structures B-764 E/W at milepost WA 3.
7 and 29, west of Oakridge, and milepost 37, east of Oakridge, and drivers should be extra careful at the spots, the agency said.
IBM today announced the public availability of Milepost GCC, the world's first open source machine learning compiler.
Tenders are invited for Design Management - Notheast Extension Roadway Rehabilitation Milepost A-75 to A-122.
The project consists of the reconstruction and repaving of eight miles of the Tok Cutoff Highway from milepost 30 to milepost 38.
GeoMedia Transportation Manager also stores and retrieves all of the different linear referencing methods used by the police to locate crash sites, including intersection offsets, milepost offsets and address matching.
Forest Service Road 15 near Milepost 1 because the man was not wearing a helmet, police said.