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a meter that shows mileage traversed

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Those without km markings on their speedometers can be given special converters which fit on to their mileometer.
Bosses warned motorists who rely on their mileometer to calculate consumption, that they could run out of fuel sooner than they think.
PRIZE for the most rubbish excuse of 2010 goes to car clocker Stephen Gordon, 44, who turned back one mileometer from 158,000 to 48,000.
Levein joked that fears he would be bored as Scotland boss have been misplaced and the mileometer on his company car has been turned over more times in recent weeks than a hospital mattress.
Watch out for 'clocked' cars This is where the mileometer has been fiddled to give a lower mileage.
THE mileometer may be ticking over alarmingly, but Ian Mongan's role in the workings of Warren Place have been gratefully accepted since he became a permanent part of the Henry Cecil masterplan this year.
10% were worried they will buy a car where the mileometer has been altered.
It was nearly midnight and the mileometer on his racing bike showed he had travelled 112 miles.
Mr Harris, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, said he soon noticed the mileometer was ticking round at an excessive rate.
Because when the sun is shining and you have a thoroughbred sportster like the MX-5 squirming around beneath your driving seat, you'll feel young no matter how many summers you have on your mileometer.
Check that figures on the mileometer are all in a straight line - if they're out of alignment, it could be a sign that the clock has been turned back.
Does mileage on last MOT certificate and service documents contradict mileometer reading?
DRIVERS who rely on their mileometer, rather than their fuel gauge, to judge when to fill up could run out of fuel sooner than they think, warns the RAC.
Also ask if the mileometer was reset when the car was last re-fuelled.