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Let's not allow our overseas workers to be milch cows of the government.
In her address here at the launch of the Special initiatives of her government such as providing laptops to students, and milch cows and goats, all at no cost, she said that these were intended at uplifting the respective beneficiaries, most of them "poorest of the poor".
The company recently increased its herd strength to 3,500, of which 2,000 are milch cows, and boosted its annual production capacity to 20 million litres of milk.
Marmum Dairy has imported 175 high-quality heifers from Australia, bringing its total herd strength to 3,500, of which 2000 are milch cows.
Asubsidiary of Dubai Investments and a leading player in the UAE dairy industry, Marmum Dairy has imported 175 high-quality heifers from Australia, bringing its total herd strength to 3,500, of which 2000 are milch cows, the company said in a statement.
The visit here will examine how dirty water from the 180 milch cows is managed through recently installed reed beds and see pasture improvement trials exploring the relative success of a range of re-seeding methods.
While councils may see casinos as milch cows for regeneration, they might usefully ponder a statement to the US House of Representatives committee on small business.
Motorists already pay billions annually in taxation and are sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than milch cows every time politicians, be they at national or local level, seek to raise yet more funds for their pet schemes.
East Java has the largest number of dairy farms, accounting for95% of a population of 354,300 milch cows in the country in 2002.
Tourists and ticos did not see how it came to her while milch cows and one lone Brahma bull, its hump the shadowy brown of dust and honey, grazed, swinging their heavy heads near cattle egrets that thronged low spreading trees like linen hung to dry, like hunchbacked angels.
Farm Size 127 124 298 (acres) Cropland Harvested 68,934 69,434 6,477,365 (acres) Number of Farms 2,853 2,441 48,242 Cattle & Calves 116,000 108,000 1,710,000 Milch Cows 8,500 7,000 66,000 Hogs & Pigs 100,000 130,000 810,000 Source: Arkansas Agricultural Statistics, 1992.
Although the Vedic Aryans ate beef, milch cows were not killed.
Sri Lanka and Australia signed an agreement on October 16 to import 20,000 milch cows for uplifting small and medium scale dairy farmers under a programme to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in liquid milk by the year 2016.
Authorities said Vidyadaan Institute of Technology and Management located in western Bihar's Buxur district, has, so far, admitted five children of farmers by receiving milch cows and calves as admission fees against 20 seats reserved for children from the poor families.