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Authorities said Vidyadaan Institute of Technology and Management located in western Bihar's Buxur district, has, so far, admitted five children of farmers by receiving milch cows and calves as admission fees against 20 seats reserved for children from the poor families.
The rule mandates that any students willing to get enrolled there will have to deposit two milch cows plus two calves in the first year, another two milch cows with two claves in the second year but one cow and a calf in the third year as fees to carry forward their engineering course.
East Java has the largest number of dairy farms, accounting for95% of a population of 354,300 milch cows in the country in 2002.
The population of milch cow grows only by 4% a year that the local dairy farms could meet only 30%-35% of the domestic requirement of fresh milk.
According to the Milk Cooperatives Federation (GKSI), in 2002, there were 83,340 milch cow farmers.
Farm Size 127 124 298 (acres) Cropland Harvested 68,934 69,434 6,477,365 (acres) Number of Farms 2,853 2,441 48,242 Cattle & Calves 116,000 108,000 1,710,000 Milch Cows 8,500 7,000 66,000 Hogs & Pigs 100,000 130,000 810,000 Source: Arkansas Agricultural Statistics, 1992.
They have been used as milch cows by the banks who have failed to recognise that small businesses are the backbone of the economy.
The slaughtering of milch cows caused a decline in milk production.
The rest are feed for pigs, milch cows and aqua culture.
Sri Lanka and Australia signed an agreement on October 16 to import 20,000 milch cows for uplifting small and medium scale dairy farmers under a programme to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in liquid milk by the year 2016.
Importing Australian milch cows of superior breeds to uplift dairy farmers and improve the livestock industry began two years ago in accordance with President Mahinda Rajapaksa s Mahinda Chintana Vision.
Under the programme, 2000 milch cows were imported in 2012.
Livestock experts believe that if 30,000 milch cows can be milked the country will become self-sufficient in liquid milk.
Yet the same fellows, not Bahrainis, are mandatory contributors to healthcare and welfare levees, presumably as they are construed as milch cows who can jolly well pay for the public services that they as non-Bahrainis can access.