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distance measured in miles


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Each car was advertised on the Auto Trader website to entice prospective buyers, and MOT certificates and service papers with false stamps were issued to validate the false milage.
Fragile and world-weary with lyrics that seem to be written about her, there's a lot of milage in SuBo yet.
Hybrids get the best milage, but automakers have also used improving technology to cut down in gas consumption.
Regular maintenance checks will also help save a bundle and stretch milage, Potter said.
Quand il y a des cas problematiques, [ou qu'il n'y a pas] de milage politique a faire, ca va s'arreter a moi.
Milage Plus members can earn miles on roundtrip flights in all classes on flights taken from 1 October 2004 until 31 January 2004 with fares starting at USD429 each way.
Combustion catalyst and catalysed fuels enhanced combustion efficiency and milage.
WHILE Arsenal are threatening to run away with the Premiership title for the second consecutive season, at the other end of the table matters are less cut and dried, and the relegation market looks to have plenty of milage, writes Ian Coyne.
The 60,000 milage limit on the three year warranty has been upgraded to unlimited mileage over the same period.
The amount of tax expense that a taxpayer pays is a function of the locally determined milage rate times the property's assessed valuation.
Preventative maintenance helps you head off problems before they occur and get more milage out of your building systems.
Frequent flyer numbers and milage and bonus awards are kept as well.
In other states, the opposite may be true--the mileage rate for the interLATA channel may exceed the milage rate charged for local channels.
5% higher (on a mix, milage, and seasonally adjusted basis) in January over December, and 0.
Or why not cut or abolish the extremely generous milage allowances on travelling to and from meetings or public meetings.