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a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter

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Thanks to the company's vision, engineering prowess, and Mikron (Lincolnshire, IL) high-speed machining centers, Turbocam upholds its mission while churning out high-precision turbocharger impellers for truck engines seven days a week, around the clock.
The new facility is the Turbocam world headquarters and home to 18 of the 25 Mikron HSM 400U high-speed machining centers, most with pallet changers.
Because of his belief that automation could provide the reliability to operate unattended, Turbocam employees are not permitted to work on Sundays, but the Mikron high-speed machining centers are expected to.
We decided Mikron had the best offering in overall machining speed and pallet changing capabilities," concludes Noronha.
The Mikron machines deliver the dynamic performance and precision required for five-axis machining.