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The preview of the next episode suggests that Mike is going to do something that is set to antagonise, everyone.
You don't have to give me anything in return," replies Mike.
This week, we feature a selection of Mary's pictures from the night Mike Denver came to town.
One look inside the La Mirada condominium where Ellen cared for Mike before committing him to an assisted living center last year spells dignity in capital letters.
Mike and Stefani observes many of the conventions of documentary realism, and uses real people, not professional actors.
NIKE Staff Presentations by: Fisher DeBerry, Air Force, John L Smith, Michigan State, Gary Pinkel, Missouri, Mike Stoops, Arizona, Dennis Franchione, Texas A & M
Indeed, one easily imagines the bland character Mike sitting on the couch in one of Graham's Homes for America.
No one I know cares as deeply about old friends as Mike.
The suicide victim is a young woman named Jennifer Rockwell, with whom Mike has history in that, during a deep and difficult stage of the officer's battle with alcoholism, Hoolihan has been taken in by Jennifer's father, a now high-ranking police administrator referred to authoritatively as "Colonel Tom" (32).
No Longer down under: Australians creating change by Mike Brown Grosvenor Books, Toorak, Australia, 2002, ISBN: 0-9592622-3-7.
A week earlier, Mike had joined one of his best friends, Mike Tucker, or "Tuck," at Cantor Fitzgerald, an international brokerage firm.