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Synonyms for migrate

Synonyms for migrate

to leave one's native land and settle in another

to change habitat seasonally


Synonyms for migrate

move from one country or region to another and settle there

move periodically or seasonally

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Based on these findings, we suspected that the object was a migrated foreign body.
The hadrosaurs may have evolved in Asia and then migrated to America -- or, conversely, they might have started in America and headed westward.
Additionally, data being migrated between devices, based on the programmed ILM policies, also must move through the ILM controller.
Not only does ANTs manage the migration process, but applications can be migrated with minimal disruption to operations, while providing the features and performance required by today's enterprises.
Should data be stored on-line, near-online, or off-line and when should data be replicated, migrated, or deleted?
Nasdaq:QSFT) has had years of experience helping organizations migrate onto the Microsoft platform, and continues to lead the way in Notes to Exchange Server migrations with more than one million mailboxes migrated to date using Quest Notes Migrator(TM) for Exchange.
When a user requests a file that has been migrated, the HSM system "de-migrates" the file by copying it to the appropriate higher level for easy access.
Data is automatically classified and migrated to the optimum tier of storage based on usage, enabling organizations of all sizes to implement an automated tiered storage solution without the traditional cost and complexity of information lifecycle management (ILM).
So, if replication software is able to maintain a second copy of the data on a nearby server (a copy that is both current with the original but is done without impacting the users), then why not use it to build the migrated server/platform?
A large percentage of our customer base is made up of publishers, networks, and marketers who have already migrated to our ad management platform from a competitive solution.
HSM keeps migrated files available by leaving stubs at their original locations on the primary storage.