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Synonyms for migrate

Synonyms for migrate

to leave one's native land and settle in another

to change habitat seasonally


Synonyms for migrate

move from one country or region to another and settle there

move periodically or seasonally

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In this article, we report a rare case of an ingested fish bone that migrated from the upper digestive tract and into the soft tissues of the neck just below the skin.
Two weeks later, special tests showed that the transplanted oligos had migrated some distance from the site of the graft and were manufacturing myelin all along their route.
Over a period of several months, the animals could have migrated south at a relatively leisurely rate, write Parrish, Totman Parrish, Spicer and and Howard Hutchison of the University of California at Berkeley in a recent issue of the scientific journal PALAIOS.
To take advantage of the VI3 improvements, all of your existing virtual machines must be migrated from ESX Server 2.
Understanding what is being migrated and quickly recalled requires a thrashing report.
Quest has migrated more than 10 million Exchange mailboxes to date for both public- and private-sector customers.
HSM is a 2-dimensional structure where data is automatically migrated from primary to secondary storage when certain policy parameters are met, such as the age of the data or the time since it was last accessed.
This results in key advantages for customers, including: fast, efficient recall of migrated files; reclamation of NetApp NAS space for active production file usage; dramatic reduction in the amount of time needed for backup (and recovery in the event of an outage); and facilitation of compliance with corporate and industry regulations governing file retention and deletion," said Neil Murvin, CaminoSoft's chief technology officer.
This enabled them to know exactly how many files would be migrated and how much capacity would be freed on primary storage.
ANTs migrated a legacy application previously running on an Oracle database to the ANTs Data Server, providing significant cost reduction.
Consider how insurance companies store client forms on-line for two years to comply with government regulations and ensure responsive customer service; but after the retention period is passed, this data is migrated to off-line tape storage.
Quest Maintains Leadership Position in Notes to Exchange Server Migration with More Than One Million Mailboxes Migrated to Date
Warm data is migrated to a near-line storage device, such as a low-cost, high-capacity hard drive or an optical disk jukebox.