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Synonyms for might

Synonyms for might

physical, mental, financial, or legal power to perform

the state or quality of being physically strong

Synonyms for might

physical strength

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CUTLINE: The Vital Might, from left: Singer-guitarist Andy Milk, bassist Ben Didsbury and drummer Evan Kraker.
My car is in the Main Street parking lot, but it might not be there.
McSweeney's is a bit more abstract and, well, literary than Might in its approach to dissent--its aim still true but more diffuse, buckshot versus armor-piercing rounds.
They were hardly simple anti-moderns, however, since the complaints of Bronte activists flowed as much from their drives across the sprawling metropolis as from their observations of the handful of restaurants that lined Lakeshore Road Quite content to commute to Toronto, they imagined that if only they could drive out the drive-ins, their bourgeois utopia of a small town within an urban region might be realized.
Their solicitor implied that Mackenzie had selected the site in the hope "that some of the neighbours might buy his land at profit, as I understand has been the practice in some other localities.