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Synonyms for midway



Synonyms for midway

Words related to midway

the place at a fair or carnival where sideshows and similar amusements are located

naval battle of World War II (June 1942)

equally distant from the extremes

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at half the distance


References in classic literature ?
As when the stars shine clear, and the moon is bright--there is not a breath of air, not a peak nor glade nor jutting headland but it stands out in the ineffable radiance that breaks from the serene of heaven; the stars can all of them be told and the heart of the shepherd is glad--even thus shone the watchfires of the Trojans before Ilius midway between the ships and the river Xanthus.
But in those items the ancient was intact, although one leg ceased midway between knee and thigh.
Midway's Line-Up for November Game Boy Color Features: NFL Blitz - Based on Midways "No Refs.
Seven Midway Titles To Be Available for Nintendo's New Handheld
Midway Sports(TM), the sports brand of leading software industry publisher and developer Midway Games Inc.
Voted in by fans nationwide, Darmos and Gilbert will each receive $5,000 and the opportunity to travel and participate in exclusive Midway Sports promotional events.
Midway captures the disturbing and terrifying nature of the horror genre with The Suffering(TM), a compelling third-person action/adventure game set in the mature and gritty world of a maximum-security prison.
Nationwide focus testing of sports videogamers produced a clear message: gamers applaud Midway Sports trademark arcade-style gameplay and intense action but also want to experience their favorite teams, players, and stadiums in an authentic professional sports context.
Midway Sports(TM), the sports brand of leading software publisher and developer Midway Games Inc.
The new direction of Midway Sports NFL Blitz and NHL(R) Hitz was designed with the sports fan in mind and is based on feedback from both hardcore and casual sports enthusiasts.
Narrowed down from an initial group of submissions to 25 semifinalists, the Midway Sports nationwide search to find the next MLB SlugFest cheerleaders took place on March 19 during 2003 Spring Training(TM).
We want fans to have the opportunity to select the next two MLB SlugFest cheerleaders," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway.
We received an overwhelming response from MLB SlugFest fans that wanted to take part in this unique contest to find the next Midway Sports cheerleaders," said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway.
We thought we would turn the excitement up a notch by allowing women from around the country tryout to be a Midway Sports Cheerleader and let the many MLB SlugFest fans vote to decide who will be the next two cheerleaders.