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the vein in the center of a leaf


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The calyx is thick, pentamerous, gamosepalous with small rounded to slightly acuminate calyx lobes that show traces of a midvein.
Figure 5 represents an example of data analysis conducted by students, comparing the sugar maple to the "unknown" sweet gum in terms of the angle of the first vein to branch off the midvein, the ratio of the blade to petiole length, and the length of the petiole.
2] from the first and second pair of leaves of vitroplants, without the midvein and the margins, were cultured on semisolid and liquid Yasuda et al.
The midvein is prominent and extends for most of the pinnule length.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: NEEDLE-LIKE, 1/2" needles, 2-ranked and opposite on deciduous branchlets (appearance of compound leaves), needles with 2 stomatic bands underneath, upper surface with grooved midvein.
In grasses, yellowing starts at the blade tips, progresses down the midvein, and finally the entire leaf yellows.
First-instar larvae are [sim]1 mm in length and navigate through a dense forest of trichomes to locate the midvein and excavate an opening in the young leaf tissue.
Its leaves are dull green with toothed margins and a raised midvein on the underside.
Further, general leaf architecture does not fully explain the presence of leaf domatia, since some species with robust vein axils lack domatia and others, such as Prunus serotina, without raised vein axils, have discrete midvein 'tufts' associated with mites.
5 cm, with a cuneate base that runs decurrent almost to the base of the petiole, glabrous on both sides but the upper side warty, margin slightly undulate, venation pinnately veined, midvein impressed above, prominent below, secondary veins 10-12 ascending pairs, tertiary veins obscurely reticulate, apex obtuse to acute.
They are unlike leaves of extant Trapa which are triangular or rhombic in outline with an inflated petiole, distinct midvein, and coarse marginal teeth ending in a bi-fid apex; the latter is particularly diagnostic of the genus.
5 mm wide, triquetrous, the sides narrower than the midvein, scabrous to scabrellous; pedicels 1-4.