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the vein in the center of a leaf


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The calyx is thick, pentamerous, gamosepalous with small rounded to slightly acuminate calyx lobes that show traces of a midvein.
Figure 5 represents an example of data analysis conducted by students, comparing the sugar maple to the "unknown" sweet gum in terms of the angle of the first vein to branch off the midvein, the ratio of the blade to petiole length, and the length of the petiole.
These pinnules are attached to a rachis by their entire base, lateral veins are parallel to each other (no midvein is present), and they originate directly from the rachis.
Either leaf strips or intact attached, detached, or wounded (sliced transversely from leaf edge to near the midvein in three places) attached leaves were treated 24 hours with full strength Murashige and Skoog media (with 10 mM KCl and 0.
Damage to foliage begins from the edges, progressing inward until only the midvein remains.
Strongly developed compression margins prevented separation of the surfaces at margins that otherwise came apart by themselves across the midvein while still in the alkaline solution.
Leaflets strongly asymmetrical, midvein running along basal edge of blade; sori few (usually 1) and located on only one side of main vein (costa).
Each valve has a prominent midvein to which the seeds are serially attached, with pinnate, complex reticulate venation.
Segment length is measured along the midvein from segment tip to rachis; segment width is taken as the orthogonal line at half of the length.
Adult females deposited eggs in clusters or egg masses on the lower surface of the leaves, on the angle formed by the midvein and secondary leafveins.
Plant moss-like; leaves simple and greatly reduced; blades bearing a single midvein or midveins wanting; sporangia in axils of leaves or in cone-like strobili.
7 mm wide cut transversely across the midpoint of the leaves) were prepared for a third set of experiments and for a fourth set of experiments wounded attached leaves (sliced transversely from leaf edge to near the midvein in three places) were imaged.
of lateral leaflets/lobes incised nearly to midvein (Figs.
Venation pattern costapalmate; leaf axis reduced; midvein distinct along