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a name between your first name and your surname

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Other suggestions include Alexandra or Mary, the Queen's two middle names and the names of her grandmother Queen Mary and greatgrandmother Queen Alexandra - or Amelia, the name of one of George III's daughters.
Other suggestions include Alexandra or Mary - the Queen's two middle names and the names of her grandmother Queen Mary and great-grandmother Queen Alexandra - or Amelia, one of George III's daughters.
And now he has shared the baby's until-now private middle name with a group of fans in Boston.
An Internet search shows a man with Davenport's name - middle name of "Delon" - having an arrest record in Maricopa, Ariz.
Election Commissioner Arthur Lim almost voted in the wrong precinct here after election officers mistook his middle name for his surname.
Use the clues to decide which middle name goes with each person.
Hindi nga lang Araneta [middle name niya], Antonio (He is Mar Roxas also, but his middle name is not Araneta but Antonio)," his woman companion said before they finally left.
Kirklees Labour leader Clr David Sheard was told he had to include his middle name, Paul, on electoral papers.
Willi" short for Jeff's middle name William and "Raye" for Bobbe's middle name.
She is not thought to have a middle name and will be called Nori for short.
20 ( ANI ): US President Barack Obama's middle name, Hussein, makes Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, perceive him as less pro-Israeli, a new study has revealed.
Summary: British author Salman Rushdie has won a tussle with Facebook over his profile page on the social network, stemming from his insistence he be allowed to use his middle name -- Salman.
The youths in the state are now adding the term as a middle name on social networking sites as a statement of their political leanings.
The couple's elder son, 18-month-old Daniel, also has the middle name Thornton.
Many people assume that Michael's middle name is Jack or John, or indeed any other male name beginning with J.