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Comparative analysis was performed between the groups of patients to investigate the application value of combined ET in the treatment of middle ear CG.
Middle ear tumors constitute a diverse group of rare neoplasms that exhibit great variation in pathology, anatomy, and clinical manifestation.
The aims and objectives of this study was to become familiar with use of endoscope for the exploration of middle ear cavity.
Dr Tarabichi said, "With this greater understanding and access to the inner ear made possible by middle ear endoscopy, we will be in a better position to correct Eustachian tube dysfunctions and so improve patient outcomes.
The second most common cause in adults is a form of arthritis which affects the chain of three bones that carry sound waves across the middle ear to the inner ear.
The differential diagnoses of a middle ear mass include cholesteatoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Langerhans cell histiocytoma, squamous cell carcinoma, metastasis, giant cell tumor and xanthoma4.
The influence of middle ear volume on the degree of hearing loss is also expected.
Middle ear implants use a magnet to vibrate structures in the middle ear.
Middle ear infections (acute otitis media or AOM) are bacterial, not viral.
Infections of the ear can be either external ear infections or middle ear infections.
Spectral gradient acoustic reflectometer (SGAR) is a technology to assist in the detection of middle ear fluid occurring in the context of diagnosing acute otitis media (AOM) and otitis media with effusion (OME).
Among their topics are the anatomy and physiology of the outer and middle ear, physical principles of aural acoustic immittance, acoustic stapedial reflex, middle ear measurement in infants and children, and middle ear disorders and case examples.
When a mammal embryo develops, its middle ear appears to form in a pop-and-patch way that seals one end with substandard, infection-prone tissue.
German doctors Dr Juergen Lautermann and Dr Goetz Lehnardt are back in the country for an ear camp where they performed middle ear operations in the North of Namibia.
The eustachian tube is the narrow tube that connects the middle ear to the throat - in adults it is approximately 3-4cm long.