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(archeology) a mound of domestic refuse containing shells and animal bones marking the site of a prehistoric settlement

a heap of dung or refuse

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The rats that built the middens are herbivores, but much of their building material consists of bones, hair, scats (droppings), and the like, derived from the prey of carnivores.
Which juveniles obtained a midden from their mother?
There are 32 radiocarbon dates listed in Table 1 associated with abandoned village sites in the Rock Islands including NZ-6291 on natural shell/pre-village midden from Mariar on Ngeruktabel (Masse 1990: 66).
To assess if severity of burn affects size of home range or core area, we noted severity of burn of each midden (n = 10; seven with no burn, three with light burn).
The middens form extremely tough deposits, which have to then be cut from the rocks with an angle grinder.
Radiocarbon estimates from recent salvage excavations of Anadara-dominated mounded midden sites at Wickham Point just south of Darwin double the number of this type of cultural deposit in this area known to date to the period 500 to 2000 BP.
Assuming that the pack rats have a limited range, when the researchers found agave in a midden within the Grand Canyon, they proposed that the location had been above this temperature.
Most structures were built into, and surrounded by, midden, or rubbish heaps that took on the texture of tough clay.
The specimen was recovered from a garbage midden (Lot 191, Unit 15, Level 5).
The squirrel usually disassembles the hedge-apple at the base of the tree, leaving a growing midden of little yellow pieces behind.
During her time away, he took a week off work but she still came home to Annikas' Midden.
Remyca United top-scored in the Over 40s division as Moran (4), Ashdown (2), Shaw (2), Gribbon and Jones all contributed in the 10-2 demolition of Cafe D''Art as Bleak Vets had Ellison (2), Miller and Jones scoring in their 4-2 win over De La Salle OB and Midden Vets drew 1-1 with Jawbone.
If an individual was caching cones, demonstrating territorial behavior (territorial calling or chasing intruders), or was at a location other than its pre-fire midden on several visits, we considered that animal to have shifted its territory.
Two shell/charcoal paired samples were dated from the Lazaret Midden located on the north margin of Peel Island in southern Moreton Bay (Figure 1, Table 3) (Ross 2001; Ross and Coghill 2000; Ross and Duffy 2000).
Fax are also blessed with class in their young ranks and they are a formidable attacking unit on their own midden and will be tough to beat.