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the median plane of the body (or some part of the body)


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On a macro-scale, a healthy brain is largely symmetrical across the mid-sagittal plane.
The mid-sagittal plane was defined as the one about which the reflective symmetry of the brain is maximized.
The facial shell was aligned to two planes: the mid-sagittal plane (Y-Z) and the inner cantus of the eyes (X-Z).
5MHz 35-mm curved linear array ultrasound transducer placed in mid-sagittal plane suprapubically and angled at 15-30 degrees from the vertical).
The hand was initially positioned in front of the participant's chest, and the movement was made away from the body along the mid-sagittal plane.
Some cells were sharpened in only one plane (n = 15, with only mid-sagittal plane sharpening in 11 cells, and only horizontal plane sharpening in 4 cells).