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the middle part of August

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This compares with 57% for No and 43% for Yes in mid-August and 61% for Yes and 39% for No at the beginning of last month.
1 per cent during the 11 weeks to mid-August, compared with 3.
Similarly, we also looked at the various segments within beer to see if any held up better through mid-August, which unfortunately wasn't the case," said Peter Reidhead, VP of Strategy and Insights at GuestMetrics.
STYLEJ Bronx's black quilted hi-tops are available from mid-August
The visitor makes an offer: he wants to leave the city for Ferragosto, a mid-August tradition and asks to leave his mother in Gianni's care in exchange for writing off some of the debt.
Gallup's mid-August unemployment data provide a preliminary estimate of the August unemployment rate that the government will report on Friday, Sept.
near Durango, Colorado, gets openings from mid-August to late fall.
95) will join the Oats So Simple range of instant porridges from mid-August and is predicted to replicate the success of Oats So Simple Sweet Cinnamon, which has delivered a 40% increase in incremental sales to the Oats So range since launching last July, and made [pounds sterling]931,000 in the first 26 weeks.
Abbey Credit Cards said it had analysed a selection of foreign holiday packages currently on sale and found that the prices on offer increase by an average of 25 per cent from mid-July, when most schools haven't yet broken up, to mid-August, when all are on holiday.
The United Nations said Tuesday its envoy to Myanmar has received an official invitation to travel to the country in mid-August.
Using proprietary Mitsubishi technology for adamantine derivatives, the factory is due for operation in mid-August and distribution of sample products will start in September.
In mid-August FileMaker will release Campus Productivity Kit.
IRAN will respond in mid-August to the Western incentives for a rolling back of its nuclear programme, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday.
The mid-August floods that hit Central and Eastern Europe were the region's most significant event of 2005 and the worst since 2002, according to a report that examines flood-related losses in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria.
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