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Animal did not take feed and water and did not micturate normally.
Beckett lists the symptoms of anxiety neurosis ("Air-hunger, larval attacks, palpitation, vertigo, sudden hunger, sweating, imperative desire to micturate & defaecate, feelings of suffocation.
Mailer begins formally, by referring to his "overwhelming urge to micturate.
2005), Pavlin, Pavlin, Gunn, Taraday & Koerschgen (1999), define urinary retention as a bladder volume greater than 600mls together with the inability to micturate within 30 minutes and this has been embedded in the guidelines.
The patients were advised prior to the procedure to micturate to empty the urinary bladder.
The Dude can either allow porn stars to micturate upon his rug with impunity, or he can adopt the line-in-the-sand rhetoric of Walter and George Bush and become entangled in the Lebowskis' manipulations; he can either give his money to the incompetent nihilist extortionists who have just destroyed his car, or he can stand up to them alongside Walter and indirectly provoke the heart attack that kills his friend.