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surgery using operating microscopes and miniaturized precision instruments to perform intricate procedures on very small structures

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ColubrisMX is developing a "minimally invasive" microsurgical robotic device that can treat life-threatening conditions such as fetal malformations and brain abnormalities through microsurgery.
Craniotomy with a trans-cortical or a trans-callosal approach were the mainstay of treatment for some time but have been recently lost out to more minimally invasive microsurgical methods.
19 July 2016 - US-based private equity fund TPG Capital has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase US-based specialty microsurgical products maker Beaver-Visitec International from RoundTable Healthcare Partners, the company said.
Operating loupes (x3 magnification) and microsurgical instruments were used in all cases.
Conclusions: Using microsurgical technique for treating gingival recessions may be effective in achieving complete root coverage for SCTG.
11,12) A microsurgical technique has been associated with lower rates of complications, specifically fistula formation, urethral stenosis, skin necrosis, loss of sensation, and erectile dysfunction.
The Art of Microsurgical Hand Reconstruction is an outstanding surgical text book.
From January 2010 to July 2012, 84 men with clinical varicocele underwent microsurgical varicocele repair at the Urology Departments of Koru Hospital and Gazi University Hospital and were included in this study.
The time-honored microsurgical principles of hemostasis, gentle tissue handling, and tissue approximation without strangulation, along with the use of a good adhesion barrier; are more important than the route of surgery--in my unscientific and biased opinion.
and represents an important validation of our groundbreaking microsurgical technology platform," Gerrans said.
introduces VITOM [R] System, a high-resolution visualization system for open microsurgical procedures, including cardiovascular, spine, small-joint, pediatric, head and neck, and plastic surgery applications.
These procedures were a natural evolution of microsurgical advances that took place in the early 1970s and culminated in modern medical microsurgery.
Martin Caillet presented a study on robot-assisted laparoscopic microsurgical tubal reanastomosis at the First European Symposium in Robotic Gynecological Surgery in Milan, Italy (Feral.
Synergetics designs, manufactures and markets microsurgical instruments to assist and enable surgeons who perform microsurgery.
For the new edition, several hundred additional images have been included and the scope has been expanded beyond illustrations of operative exposure to encompass the technical maneuvers employed in the actual microsurgical removal of tumors.