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in non-flowering plants, a sporophyll that bears only microsporangia

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tolimensis, as it shares an arborescent habit; ovulate strobili with short peduncles and slightly protruding terminal facets; and microsporophylls with microsporangia aggregated into a single group.
highly glossy leaves, more attenuate microsporophyll apices and reduced
and large microsporangiate cones with rounded microsporophylls that lack
cones with microsporophylls that possess a distinct apiculus, and
are intermediate in size, with rounded microsporophylls that lack any
The Taxaceae are distinguished from other conifer families (except for Cephalotaxaceae) by compound pollen strobili or simple structures derived from compound pollen strobili, peltate microsporophylls, and solitary, terminal ovules embedded in a fleshy closed or open aril.
Pollen strobili compound, terminal, in groups of 1-5, erect, quickly becoming pendulous, 3-7(-12) cm long; microsporophylls 8-10, dorsiventral, peltate, hyposporangiate, each bearing 3-5(-8) sporangia.
3 cm long when open for pollen dispersal; microsporophylls 1-5, radially symmetrical, perisporangiate, each bearing 2-4 closely united sporangia.