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a scientist who specializes in research with the use of microscopes

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The dermatophyte was later confirmed by periodic acid-Schiff stain ordered and reviewed by the light microscopist.
Bolstering this feeling of a microscopist shortage is the heady growth of technology fields that are absolutely dependent on high-level imaging data: cancer therapy, medical imaging, engineered nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, and general nanotechnology.
The leading microscopist of Delft died on August 26, 1723, at the age of 90.
Goldsmith is ah electron microscopist in the Infectious Disease Pathology Activity, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Nobody disagrees with the conclusion that what they see is consistent with bacterial magnetite," says microscopist John P.
According to John Mendenhall, a microscopist at the Center for Learning and Memory, their approach to accelerating the analysis is to "map the largest single field of view at minimum resolution, 2-3 nm pixels at the specimen level, needed for benchmarking ultrastructural features.
Hazelton is electron microscopist for the department of medical microbiology and infectious diseases, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.
What has surprised a lot of people is just how widespread the applications have become," says microscopist Phillip E.
I can definitively say that asbestos has been found and confirmed present in many different products," stated Sean Fitzgerald, President Geologist and Senior Microscopist of Scientific Analytical Institute, Inc.
As suggested by Marshall and Catton, however, success depends as much on the quality of the sample collected as on the method of preparation and skill of the microscopist.
It will be used by the Minority Student Training Program, headed by Betty Thompkins (a microscopist at Albert Einstein Medical Center's pathology department) who founded the program in 1995 for talented but at-risk students.
This month's Great Laboratory Manager, microscopist Debby Sherman, talks about the need for managers to take greater initiative when running their labs.
0 is a comprehensive image processing suite with measurement and annotation, scale bar, AVI file compliant time lapse imaging, automated image archiving and 6-position pseudo color image processing functionality including many other highly sought after imaging functions demanded by today's research microscopist.
In fact, swab specimens of skin lesions for the detection by electron microscopy of viruses such as pox and herpes viruses are far from ideal; the chances of viral detection would be greatly enhanced if a skin scraping were provided to the electron microscopist.
But to Arnold Kolb, a microscopist at Dow Corning, they looked like something else.