microscopic field

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the areas that is visible through a microscope

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Grade 2--More than 2 but less than 10 foci with elastic lamellae fragmentation in one microscopic field.
The MC values were between 0 and 4 in non-neoplastic tissue, and the mean MCC in each microscopic field was 0.
12] Also, the increased smear positivity by the bleach method is attributable to the higher density of bacilli per microscopic field obtained by this method and reduction of debris, leaving a clear field for microscopy.
Maxwell's microscopic equations in a media with charged particles are written in terms of the microscopic fields b, e and sources j, and [[rho].
Two vessel excretions and observing inflammatory cells of the acute type among 1/4 to 1/2 of microscopic field with low magnification (10x) without necrotic tissue, Grade 2
In many applications, the polymer molecules stick out from a surface like grasses growing in a microscopic field.
We found that patients who were older, male, and with more red blood cells in a high-powered microscopic field were much more likely to develop urinary tract cancer," said Dr.
The areas of a low-power field (LPF) and high-power field (HPF) were determined with a measured scale to be able to correlate the cells or particles seen in a microscopic field (usually measured as cells or particles/LPF or HPF) with the quantitative results of the UF-100, which are provided in units of cells (or particles)/[micro]L.
The scientists homed in on such spots and counted the number of capillaries crowding the microscopic field.
Instead of burning tissue, he explained, the Visage technology creates a microscopic field of low-temperature ionized gas that breaks up molecular bonds, or dissolves damaged tissue, thereby creating the healing response that reduces facial wrinkles.
Instead of burning tissue like conventional radio frequency surgery devices, the Nucleoplasty device creates a microscopic field of low-temperature ionized gas that is intended to dissolve small amounts of unwanted tissue inside the disc.
Under a fluorescent microscope, 20 microscopic fields were examined in each well of the slide at 200X magnification.
For macroscopic electromagnetic fields, the corresponding microscopic fields (8) are averaged over a length L much greater than the lattice constant a but much smaller than the wavelength 2[pi]/k (a [much less than] L [much less than] 2[pi]/k).
Grading of each specimen was based on the average inflammatory cell number in three consecutive microscopic fields starting from the epithelial-connective tissue border and proceeding gradually deeper into the lamina propria.
With the ThinPrep imaging system, the system can identify 22 microscopic fields of interest for the cytotechnologist who reviews each slide.
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