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extremely small in scale or scope or capability

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Under the agreement, MICROS will resell Kinetics' ResortPort(TM) and CheckinHere(TM) self-service kiosk solutions to lodging industry customers using MICROS's state of the art OPERA property management systems.
Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, MICROS Systems develops point-of-sale systems, central reservation systems, and other hardware and management software for restaurants, hotels, casinos, and the retail industry.
MICROS provides property management systems, central reservation and customer information solutions for more than 15,000 hotels and has selected Interwise as an additional platform on which to train its product installers and hotel staff more efficiently and cost effectively.
The continuing integration of the MICROS point-of-sale systems with the Blackboard Transaction System delivers significant benefits to our clients," said Jim Hermens, VP, Global Services and Support.
a leader in mobile commerce payment applications, today announced that it is teaming with MICROS Systems, Inc.
One firm has harnessed a technology used in the semiconductor and watchmaking industries for the production of micro molds.
Micro Focus support for Eclipse will offer enterprise application development teams a consistent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) regardless of where the application is to be deployed, while taking advantage of the efficiencies inherent in Eclipse to offer best-of-breed productivity.
Micro Focus Studio and Micro Focus Server will offer the advantage of tightly integrated development, analysis and deployment options for customers seeking to maximize their investment in legacy systems," said Ian Archbell, vice president of product management for Micro Focus.
Micro Focus is committed to the reuse of existing legacy applications on contemporary platforms," said Ian Archbell, vice president of product management at Micro Focus.
TSE: 4704)(Nasdaq:TMIC), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced that Kornberg Associates has successfully deployed Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Suite for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).
Trend Micro holds the unique position among today's antivirus vendors as the leader in the server and gateway antivirus market, having led the way for security at the gateway level of an enterprise network," commented Brian Burke, research manager at IDC.
We switched from Symantec's product to Trend Micro NeaTSuite, and it gives us end-to-end, flawless virus protection from the perimeter to the desktop," said Ron Lepp, IT administrator for Paramount Energy Trust.
Designed to block non-productive and malicious spam at the Internet gateway, Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service continues to address the growing urgency among organizations to protect themselves from the increasing prevalence of unsolicited emails, while providing enhanced performance and extended platform support for enterprise customers.
Trend Micro Unleashes Small-Medium Business (SMB) Suite Offering,
With this announcement, Trend Micro is able to offer antivirus protection for the most comprehensive set of Microsoft(TM) platforms and applications, in line with the company's best-of-breed partnership strategy to bring customers flexible, integrated security solutions.