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integrated circuit semiconductor chip that performs the bulk of the processing and controls the parts of a system

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Which brings us back to our original point and reason to utilize the microprocessor technology: buildings are sued because someone has tripped over an uneven stop between the elevator and floor, or a door someone by closing shut prematurely.
Ultra-compact PS series air- and water-cooled chillers from 2 tons have off-the-shelf fuzzy logic microprocessor controls, scroll compressors, and brazed-plate evaporators.
For comparison, the current Pentium Pro microprocessor includes 5.
About the In-Stat Microprocessor Report Analysts' Choice Awards
Current process technology uses conventional lithography, which has significant limitations in defining microprocessor designs beyond the 65nm process technology generation.
Microprocessor control features Safe-Temp regeneration (temperature based) as well as dewpoint and time based.
All use digital microprocessor controls, have reciprocal and scroll-type compressors, and evaporators designed for close temperature control and low pressure drop.
and Rob Walker of Walker Research Associates for Stanford University Libraries, The Microprocessor Chronicles follows last year's The Fairchild Chronicles and brings the history of Silicon Valley alive through candid interviews with Silicon Valley veterans, including Gordon Moore, Ted Hoff, Stan Mazor and Federico Faggin.
And the microprocessor in the robot's pendant has sped up teach programming as well.
The Microprocessor Chronicles goes on sale today and is available for purchase from www.
Specialized Efficeon Microprocessor Designed to Support Pay-as-You-Go Personal Computing Platforms Enabled by Microsoft FlexGo for Emerging Markets
Patriot Scientific Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: PTSC) today announced that it has received its share of the distribution of proceeds from a licensing payment made by Fujitsu Limited - announced last month as the latest global system manufacturer to purchase a license to use intellectual property protected by the Moore Microprocessor Patent(TM) (MMP) Portfolio.
is proud to announce the availability of the Rabbit 4000 microprocessor.
OB), -- a company that specializes in developing and licensing high-performance ultra-low power microprocessor technology -- has named Jim Turley to the Board of Directors.
OB) a high-tech intellectual properties company that specializes in developing high-performance, ultra-low power microprocessor technology, has announced the voluntary self-dismissal of its lawsuit against Fujitsu Computer Systems, Inc.
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