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Synonyms for micromillimeter

a metric unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter

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5 micromillimeters band would be ideal for transmitting quantum cryptographic signals over long distances, and would have the advantages of greatly simplifying systems and security analyses.
3 micromillimeters , which have a maximum transmission distance of 35 km.
5 micromillimeters single-photon emitter and a practical quantum cryptography system, and jointly conducted tests of quantum cryptographic key distribution.
5 micromillimeters band from a nanometer-size semiconductor nanocrystal called a quantum dot(3).
In the chromosomes the DNA filaments are repeated, organized, and folded in various ways in order to fit into microscopic structures of a few micromillimeters long since the cell nuclei which house them are ordinarily no larger than 5 [micro]m in diameter.