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a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter

caliper for measuring small distances

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2 Market by Product Type Global Caliper Market: Size and Forecast Global Micrometer Market: Size and Forecast 04.
It will substitute for six expensive micrometers, not including a depth micrometer and provide internal and external diameters, lengths and depths.
The Mitutoyo High-Accuracy Digimatic[R] Micrometer features an extremely rigid frame for stable measurement while a constant-force barrel/spindle mechanism eliminates the possibility of overspeed errors.
The results obtained indicated that the initial thickness varied from 58-119 micrometers on one face of the mold to 25-77 micrometers on the other face.
According to the report, the declining costs of calipers and micrometers constitute one of the major drivers in the Global Caliper and Micrometer market.
A common strategy to compensate for unreliable film gauge micrometers is to estimate the average thickness using the weight of a measured surface area of film (basis-weight technique) or the weight of a roll and core.
The natural fibrous proteins, such as collagen, that make up the body's scaffolding have diameters in the range of hundreds of nanometers to a few micrometers.
5 micrometer) and coarser particles (1 micrometer and larger).
Why you should care: The DP-1VR is a handheld data collector that can process 9,999 pieces of data and print it directly from a Digimatic caliper, micrometer or other measurement tools.
Four standard micrometers (0"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" measuring range) and one mechanical digital micrometer (0"-1" measuring range) are available.
With advances in x-ray microtomography, it is now possible to obtain three-dimensional representations of a material's microstructure with a voxel size of less than one micrometer.
Course 4, "Surface Plate Equipment," includes information on gauge blocks, height and micrometer height gauges, and surface plate accessories.
The instrument measures the stress-strain curve of the material between parallel micrometer anvil faces.
Because of the higher rate of drying at 45 [micro]m, the lighter coating is less dense--at 69% average porosity--than the 95 micrometer coating, which has an average porosity of 62%.