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a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter

caliper for measuring small distances

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The PosiTector RTR measures with improved accuracy over conventional micrometers because it adjusts for tape nonlinearity.
It will substitute for six expensive micrometers, not including a depth micrometer and provide internal and external diameters, lengths and depths.
The Mitutoyo High-Accuracy Digimatic[R] Micrometer features an extremely rigid frame for stable measurement while a constant-force barrel/spindle mechanism eliminates the possibility of overspeed errors.
Compatibility with LaserLinc's laser micrometers and Total Vu software, so users can view the UltraGauge+ waveform graphs and the product cross-section on any standard Windows PC.
The results obtained indicated that the initial thickness varied from 58-119 micrometers on one face of the mold to 25-77 micrometers on the other face.
But as we get older, it gets harder and harder to read those tiny graduations on calipers and micrometers.
Although a variety of measuring devices have been used by amateurs, the reticle-type micrometer is the easiest.
All models feature a continuously adjustable smooth micrometer rather than a click-stop micrometer.
Advances in such extrusion technologies have shrunk the diameter of fibers in all manner of fabrics to micrometer and sub-micrometer ranges.
One micrometer is one-millionth of a meter, or 1,000 nanometers.
5 micrometer) and coarser particles (1 micrometer and larger).
Four standard micrometers (0"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" measuring range) and one mechanical digital micrometer (0"-1" measuring range) are available.
With advances in x-ray microtomography, it is now possible to obtain three-dimensional representations of a material's microstructure with a voxel size of less than one micrometer.