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the male gametophyte produced by a microspore

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Each ovule in a mature ovary contains a megagametophyte or gamete "plant" just as each pollen grain contains a two- (or three-) nucleate microgametophyte.
through microgametophyte competition, Hill and Lord 1986, Snow 1986, Mulcahy et al.
Crop/weed microgametophyte competition in Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae).
However, whether or not the tapetum regulates microgametophyte development has still not been resolved, despite considerable investigation into gene expression in the tapetum (Schrauwen et al.
1986), whose diploid sporophyte bears haploid microspores and megaspores that mature into micro- and megagametophytes that disperse before sperm are released by the microgametophyte.
Other suggestions for selection on ovule number include the promotion of microgametophyte competition for ovules (Mulcahy 1979; Lee 1984a), maternal regulation of offspring quality through seed abortion (Koslowski and Stearns 1989), and ability to exploit unpredictably favorable conditions for seed maturation (Willson and Burley 1983; Lee 1988).
Copper tolerance is expressed in the diploid sporophyte as well as the microgametophyte of Mimulus guttatus.
Consequently, the potential for microgametophyte selection (nonrandom fertilization based on pollen genotype) was far greater in the high pollen loads.
The backcrossing process used in cotton is facilitated by this differential transmission between mega- versus microgametophytes.