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a unit of capacitance equal to one millionth of a farad

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Qty: 200 No 2)Snubber Capacitor 1 Microfarad Tolerance +/- 10 Percent Working Voltage Of 1700 Vac In Line With Specification No.
4 volts and to charge a 100 microfarad (oF) capacitor to feed the duty cycle of the accompanying pluggable wireless system.
The high bandwidth VTT regulator requires only a 20 microfarad ceramic output capacitor, versus the 60 microfarad of capacitance required for existing market solutions, saving board space and cost.
Tenders are invited for Capacitor 8 Microfarad, Capacitor 8 Mfd Plus Minus 5 Percent , 50Hz, 250/440 Vac Of Havells Or Similar To Havells In All Respect: Acceptable Make: Havells/Universal/Epcos/Legrand/Polycab Only.
Tenders are invited for Digital Clamp Meter Of Current Range 0-1000 Amps Ac Voltage Range 0-750 Volts Ac And 0-1000 Volt Dc Resistance 0-40 M Ohm Capacitance 0-100 Microfarad, Frequency 0-500 Khz With Continuity And Diode Test Function Along With Suitable Carry Case And Probe.
When using a 1 microfarad bypass capacitor, the NCP2892 offers 100 millisecond (ms) wake up time.
68 Microfarad, 2000V Ac, 50 Hz, Type 28F5687 Non Pcb Of Ge Usa Make Or Similar Suitable For Bhel Make Rsi Unit Of Wcam/3 And Wcag/1 Locos.