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the branch of electronics that deals with miniature components

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High reliability requires an organizational discipline, a proactive and progressive quality system and adherence to specifications and standards,'' said Betty May, manager of quality systems at Stellar Microelectronics.
We believe JMAR's Microelectronics Division's business will continue to grow over time as we support the DMEA's mission and apply the unique access the agency has given us to the ARMS foundry so we can enhance the ARMS foundry processes and leverage their use for commercial product development.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is establishing manufacturing capabilities to support worldwide customer demand for the Epic D100.
The opportunity to bring IRPS back to the Southwest keeps us in the center of an area vital to the microelectronics industry.
McMahon joins Cabot Microelectronics after nearly twenty years in key management positions with Intel Corporation, having served as Manager of Product Development and Quality Engineering for Intel's Semiconductor Products group overseeing quality and reliability for multiple fabs and customers.
For more than a decade, Cabot Microelectronics has continually invested in improving these products to meet increasing performance demands as semiconductor technology has advanced, and our customers have benefited from these improvements.
William Noglows, Chairman and CEO of Cabot Microelectronics, said, "During 2006 we continued to strengthen our business by executing our three strategic initiatives: technology leadership, operations excellence and connecting with customers.
Adamson has over twenty years of experience in microelectronics assembly, and has participated in both marketing and as an assembly engineer in all aspects of packaging and assembly from R&D to manufacturing.
We seek to make our microelectronics platforms available to a wider range of companies who can use this technology for competitive advantage.
These forward-looking statements include statements related to future sales and operating results, company and industry growth and trends, growth of the markets in which the company participates, international events, product performance, new product introductions, development of new products, technologies and markets, the acquisition of or investment in other entities, and the construction of new facilities by Cabot Microelectronics Corporation.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (Nasdaq: CCMP), the world's leading supplier of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing slurries to the semiconductor industry, announced today that it has entered into a patent assignment agreement with the International Business Machines Corp.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (Nasdaq:CCMP) announced today the favorable resolution of the complaint it filed with the U.
Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (NASDAQ:CCMP), the world's leading supplier of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing slurries to the semiconductor industry, announced today that it has entered into agreements to purchase substantially all of the assets of QED Technologies, Inc.
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