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an economist who specializes in microeconomics

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Then, when I came to LSU it was a natural thing for me, a microeconomist, teaching forecasting techniques to MBAs and executive MBAs to become interested in the energy sector.
However, Knight would soon move on to become more of a moral philosopher than a microeconomist (Sally 1997).
Professor Wesley Wilson, of the University of Oregon, Department of Economics, is a microeconomist who works in empirical models of industrial organization.
After two semesters with Armen Alchian, I was hooked, I wanted to be a microeconomist.
In response, Harvard professors, including mathematicians and microeconomists, have dissected the university's data and question whether its health costs have been growing as fast as the university says.
Economic Deregulation: Days of Reckoning for Microeconomists.
Microeconomists have various objections to the intuitive solution.
The pricing of telecommunication services differs from many of the standard goods and services studied by microeconomists in that the originator of a potential transaction does so with no guarantee that the other party is either present or interested.
Hill and Myatt cite the old joke that microeconomists are wrong about specific economic issues, whereas macroeconomists are wrong about the economy in general.
Economic Deregulation: Days of Reckoning for Microeconomists, Journal of Economic Literature, 31, 3, 1993, pp.
These macroeconomic concepts, the importance of which is easy to understand, have no clear connection with WTP, WTA, or the maximization of net benefits--in other words, no relation to the goals of regulation as they are construed by CBA or by microeconomists.
To buttress his point, Kay observes how few neoclassical microeconomists are hired by businesses.