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an economist who specializes in microeconomics

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Then, when I came to LSU it was a natural thing for me, a microeconomist, teaching forecasting techniques to MBAs and executive MBAs to become interested in the energy sector.
As a microeconomist, Burns employed the tools of neoclassical price theory.
The concept of competition as equilibrium resource allocator is not the only model of a modern microeconomist.
Playing microeconomist to Gordon's macroeconomist, I note that many of the producers' durables with rapid price falls are most demanded in "particular" industries.
Judith Roberts, managing director in Huron's Disputes and Investigations practice, is an applied microeconomist with more than 15 years of combined academic and nonacademic experience.
Professor Allcott is an applied microeconomist who studies topics in environmental and energy economics, industrial organization, public economics, behavioral economics, and development microeconomics.
As soon as the book came out, I emailed John Virgo and broached the idea of asking my good friend, the brilliant microeconomist Ira Horowitz, to write a review of the book with the understanding that it would be published in one of John's journals.
Perry is an Associate Professor of Economics at centre college and is an applied microeconomist with an active research agenda in Labor and Health Economics.
However, Knight would soon move on to become more of a moral philosopher than a microeconomist (Sally 1997).
Although the book easily could have been a technical treatise approachable only by the microeconomist, tax scholar, or legal theorist, the text of Taxation for Environmental Protection is accessible to the lay person.
Professor Wesley Wilson, of the University of Oregon, Department of Economics, is a microeconomist who works in empirical models of industrial organization.
Bertrand is an applied microeconomist whose research has been published widely.
As a microeconomist, I might have been slightly more comfortable with a division that grouped explanations into bins related to labor demand, labor supply, and the matching mechanism that connects the two, but their structure serves well in many ways.
All of the nonsense that is being written on stakeholders' theory is enough to convince a microeconomist to become a political scientist.
After two semesters with Armen Alchian, I was hooked, I wanted to be a microeconomist.