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photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)

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When processing a batch of the instrument-compatible microtubes, the laboratorian first checked each tube for microdots and placed the tubes in an instrument rack.
Cops recovered 1,400 microdots of LSD that were sent to Mumbai from the US in the largest seizure of the last few years
Inspired by the microdots used during the 2nd world war, Clelland et al.
And Italian porcelain tile suppliers such as Novobell have introduced tiles which are patterned with microdots giving rise to interesting visual effects.
Kemp and Bott moved toWales where they set up a lab in a remote farmhouse, whereas Todd and Andrew Munro, an inorganic chemist, set up shop in a basement in Seymour Road, London, producing inferior quality LSD in 100[acute accent]g black microdots.
Recognizing character with using Radon transformation has good possibility for classification a characters on microdots.
In late 1941, the British would discover the German microdots and began scrutinizing letters between Latin America and Europe for them.
Procter & Gamble, Infinity feminine hygiene pad: This newest feminine hygiene pad from P&G features a soft cover sheet designed to work with the pad's Infinicel core, Microdots for fast absorption, a new wing design for secure protection, form-fitting channels for leakage protection and a wider design in the back to provide increased coverage.
One in four consumers believe cards will be replaced by microdots, or chips inserted into hands so buyers can wave and pay," says RBS WorldPay's head of strategic development Devendra Kumar.
A high-speed, infrared camera records the position of the pattern of microdots on the paper's surface, and the DPS (Dot Positioning System) records the path of the pen as it writes or sketches.
It is offered in a colour palette of summer pastels and traditional tones, featuring either bold stripes or embroidered microdots.
On the key issue of foreign policy, the differences between the other Republican contenders can be measured in microdots.
And microdots, a tube of dots bearing the same serial number, were handed out.
Fragments detected by the company have ranged in size from microdots to portions of wire 8 mm in length.
Lawson is upgrading the system to include bar codes on each instrument by using microdots or laser etching.