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photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)

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The cell concentration of this culture was determined by both traditional and microdot methods to compare both methods.
Operator variations are removed because the LeaderVision system does not require the operator to position the microdots.
In late 1941, the British would discover the German microdots and began scrutinizing letters between Latin America and Europe for them.
Two new surface textures have been developed: MicroDot and Naturelle add value and appeal.
The Schiavi flexo-print press features a microdot plate mounting with a unique driven turner bar to enable high quality 8-colour decoration on both sides of the tubed film.
This three-point fiber enclosure allows you check your bow torque on the microdot pin models.
Palladium was incorporated on the microdot pattern of the PANI-viologen film using a method similar to that for the incorporation of gold, as mentioned above.
Sun Chemical recognizes this, and we have begun developing specialized inks that can hold the stochastic microdot.
Once the microdot marking system is applied to a vehicle through a spray-on process, it is virtually impossible to locate and remove all of the ten thousand unique identification codes.
Tyco Electronics MICRODOT brand RF connectors have been added to the Defense Logistics Agency's Qualified Products List (QPL) 39012/55 and 39012/59.
C&H Packaging installs polymer plates in-house and, with the more recent introduction of Heaford's microdot video mounting technology, their registration has achieved accuracy and efficiency.
8 pounds and interfaces with standard BNC, microdot transducers or Sonic 133D "J" Series transducers.
Other types you should check out include the Subminiature-B (SMB), MHV, type N, triaxial, and Microdot.
We're a microdot in the middle of the Pacific, but we have extricated ourselves from the reflected glory of Waikiki and made ourselves into a world-class destination.