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a blood disorder characterized by the presence of microcytes (abnormally small red blood cells) in the blood

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In recent years there has been increasing recognition of the importance of a low MCH without microcytosis as an early indicator of iron deficiency (even in the absence of anaemia) (16,17) While IDA may be both microcytic and hypochromic, hypochromia often precedes the onset of microcytosis.
Automated measurement of red blood cell microcytosis and hypochromia in iron deficiency and R thalassemia trait.
Thus what sometimes appears to be microcytosis may, in fact, be normal cells.
Iron depletion is marked by early iron deficiency anemia with microcytosis and decreased serum TS and SF concentrations.
3] RDW Status post transfusion WBCs Nucleated red cells, platelet Clotting clumps, unlysed red cells, Cryoglobulins Platelets WBC fragmentation, severe Satellitism, microcytosis, Cryoglobulins clumping
Review of parental blood films shows features typical of [alpha]-thalassemia trait with hypochromia, microcytosis, and an absence of Hb variants or any increases in Hb [A.
The measurement of free erythrocyte porphyrin (FEP) as a simple means of distinguishing iron deficiency from beta-thalassemia trait in subjects with microcytosis.
Patients with microcytosis were considered to have [beta]-thalassemia trait if the hemoglobin AZ was >3.
Microcytosis and hypochromia were present in all subjects, although some high mean corpuscular volumes were observed, mainly in blood samples shipped from abroad.
In the low MCV rule, the false-negative rate increased after we adjusted the threshold; however, in patients with microcytosis, the blood smear review may not be useful to discriminate between iron-deficiency anemia, thalassemia minor, and anemia of chronic disease.
An MCV less than this range suggests microcytosis, while greater levels suggest macrocytosis.
A peripheral blood smear showed a marked hypochromic microcytosis with occasional schistocytes, acanthocytes, and numerous elliptocytes.
Peripheral smear revealed significant anisocytosis, microcytosis, hypochromia and poikilocytosis.
The red cells of S/C disease are severely dehydrated, causing mild microcytosis and crystal formation (2).