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a blood disorder characterized by the presence of microcytes (abnormally small red blood cells) in the blood

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2] level was discordant with minimal or absent microcytosis and hypochromia.
37,38) SEM image analyses confirm these findings and also indicate microcytosis in the arsenic-treated groups.
The evaluation of various mathematical RBC indices and their efficacy in discriminating between thalassemic and non-thalassemic microcytosis.
The heterozygous and homozygous states for Hb E are benign conditions clinically, but individuals often have red cell microcytosis and/or hypochromia.
Laboratory investigations were all within normal range, except for mild microcytosis.
A normal RDW value and microcytosis suggest thalassemia carier state rather than iron deficiency anemia.
4%) had normocytic normochromic picture microcytosis was observed in 15 (22.
Microcytosis and possible early iron deficiency in pediatric patients.
Thus, our results showed that IDA in patients with RA is characterized by RBC microcytosis and hypochromia, a reduction in serum iron and ferritin levels, and an increase in serum transferrin and erythropoietin concentrations (Table 2).
Molecular genotyping of [alpha]-thalassemia helps to diagnose unexplained microcytosis and thus prevents unnecessary iron supplementation [18].
The spore crystals also produced anemialike effects, such as increased microcytosis (abnormally small red blood cell) and hypochromia (deficient color).
This retrospective study aimed to determine the prevalence of preoperative anaemia, hypochromia and microcytosis in cardiac surgery patients.
The mother was heterozygous for [beta]-thalassaemia, as evidenced by the microcytosis and elevated [HbA.
Aniso-cytosis, poikilocytosis, macroovalocytosis, microcytosis, fragmentation, and teardrop erythrocytes were more prominent on the blood films of patients with megaloblastic anemia.