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an abnormally small red blood cell (less than 5 microns in diameter)

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We wanted to present very clear examples of microcytes and macrocytes to test the device under the most ideal conditions.
IT3000 has the ability to display these new parameters on our enquiry screen and so we can see the percentages of microcytes and macrocytes on every sample.
9 Platelets * * * Mean Platelet Volume * * * Neutrophils 7 29 58 Bands 54 50 35 Lymphocytes 10 9 5 Monocytes 7 0 2 Metamyelocyte 12 9 0 Myelocyte 8 2 0 Promyelocyte 2 1 0 Nucleated Red Blood Cells 2 0 2 Polychromasia present [dagger] [dagger] Poikilocytosis present [dagger] present Anisocytosis present [dagger] present Microcytes present [dagger] [dagger] Spherocytes present [dagger] [dagger] Mega-thrombocytes present present [dagger] Absolute Neutrophils 3.
Peripheral blood showed moderate macrocytosis with occasional microcytes, elliptocytes and occasional teardrop cells.
Peripheral smear showed numerous microcytes and ovalocytes.