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a miniature model of something

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With readings of both Romantic and Victorian texts, the book addresses itself to literary scholars, but as inset chapters on "Today's Scientific Nonfiction and Today's Scientific Modeling" reveal, Scott also intends to reach ecologists an ambition confirmed by her ultimate objective to extrapolate literary methods into ecological science, both by acknowledging the indebtedness of post-Darwinian ecology to poetic microcosm, and by revealing the usefulness of narrative in charting the progress of environmental unpredictability.
Therefore, microcosm incubations were performed to investigate the influence of ammonium on microbial CH4 oxidation activity, as well as to investigate the influence of CH4 on microbial ammonia oxidation simultaneously in a single soil microcosm.
It's good to practice scales in all lengths, but since this article itself is a microcosm (for greater detail, get my book on technique that should be published soon), we will stick to two useful lengths: 3-note and 5-note.
Seven incubation times were established to open the microcosms: t = 0, after system stabilisation (sedimentation), which occurred on the set-up day, t = 5, t = 10, t = 25, t = 50, t = 85, and t = 135 days after the microcosm experiments were set up.
That's why Microcosm began their campaign in January, at the very peak of the "Buyer's Remorse" season.
If this was detected for any of the conditions at any time, all remaining bottles were flushed with lab air for 15-20 minutes to fully purge the microcosm headspace and replenish oxygen levels.
A plot of the 30-min temperatures recorded from microcosm one for the entire 165 d experiment is provided by Cortemeglia (2005).
The perception of a macrocosm is complete, but the perception of a microcosm is not complete.
Devoid of that Divine presence which alone can impart a relative importance to the corporeal world in the overall scheme of things, the macrocosm not only becomes bereft of the Light which allows us to remain cognizant of its ontological dependence on the Creator, it also distorts the relationship between the macrocosm and the human being--the microcosm consisting of three distinct entities: the spirit (ruh), the soul (nafs), and the body (jism).
Wayne County presents a microcosm of economic conditions that exist nationwide, albeit in a concentrated form.
In many ways, the new Ningbo Xiaogang containerboard mill is a microcosm of today's Chinese paper industry.
95): Final volume in the celebrated "Buddies" cycle, set in the roiling microcosm of gay Manhattan.
That early stretch should be a microcosm of Hart's upcoming season.