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a miniature model of something

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That's why Microcosm began their campaign in January, at the very peak of the "Buyer's Remorse" season.
If this was detected for any of the conditions at any time, all remaining bottles were flushed with lab air for 15-20 minutes to fully purge the microcosm headspace and replenish oxygen levels.
Look up microcosm or go to a cooler, hipper bookstore near you.
The objective of this microcosm study was to elucidate the effects of soil macrofauna on SOM decomposition and accumulation in the mineral layer in a central Florida hardwood forest with specific reference to the role of A.
Purposeful perception is sensation and in order to understand more deeply that sensation it is necessary, in the beginning, to be able to distinguish sensation in a macrocosm (spontaneously) from sensation in a microcosm (through the device).
A fascinating examination of the battle for free speech in microcosm, offering insights into the ongoing struggle for the right to express ideas without fear or harassment.
Devoid of that Divine presence which alone can impart a relative importance to the corporeal world in the overall scheme of things, the macrocosm not only becomes bereft of the Light which allows us to remain cognizant of its ontological dependence on the Creator, it also distorts the relationship between the macrocosm and the human being--the microcosm consisting of three distinct entities: the spirit (ruh), the soul (nafs), and the body (jism).
Wayne County presents a microcosm of economic conditions that exist nationwide, albeit in a concentrated form.
In many ways, the new Ningbo Xiaogang containerboard mill is a microcosm of today's Chinese paper industry.
95): Final volume in the celebrated "Buddies" cycle, set in the roiling microcosm of gay Manhattan.
That early stretch should be a microcosm of Hart's upcoming season.
JPL was a microcosm of the United States immediately after World War II, reflecting attitudes about gender roles, race, and communism.
Sediment collected during the first event provided the inoculum for a preliminary microcosm experiment conducted with 3-CB, whereas the inoculum used in mesocosm-scale experiments involving 2-CP or 3-CB was derived from sediment collected nearly 2 years later.
Professor Edward Ayer's book about the fighting in the great Shenandoah Valley shows the entire Civil War in microcosm.