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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Software packages developed for microcomputer applications often have not included these same controls.
A [TABULAR DATA FOR EXHIBIT 3 OMITTED] network interface card plugs into an expansion slot on the microcomputer and gives the microcomputer a window to the network.
Several authors have provided detailed discussions of the logistics information system, and have positioned the microcomputer as a key element of the firm's logistics information strategy (LIS)[1-3].
More recently, hospital librarians began offering classes on end-user searching of the literature and microcomputer hardware and software operations as well as providing individualized tutorials in these areas.
First, teacher education in graduate-level microcomputer courses was driven by tuition scholarships for participating educators.
Educate the staff: Since basic health issues are involved, it is important for the firm to actively encourage the staff to develop good microcomputer habits early.
Through the use of modem microcomputer systems, accessing disability related information is a reality for people who are concerned with disabilities.
Much of the information presented here would be common sense to the microcomputer manager.
For several categories of the data (budget expenditures, staff support, and student and faculty microcomputer densities), the data are divided into quartiles to give a more-detailed picture of the distribution across the schools.
LANs are not new, but they have become increasingly popular in microcomputer-equipped offices, giving users the capabilities and security of larger computer systems, with the cost savings, ease of use, and decentralization of microcomputers.
The problem here is not so much the advent of the personal computer (PC), or microcomputer, as it is the lack of recognition on the part of corporate management and users of the dangers these devices introduce to the workplace.
A microcomputer helped in the selection and installation of a replacement laboratory information system (LIS) at our 626-bed hospital.
Mainframe software differs from microcomputer software less in performance than in application; the mainframe programs are usually run by the data processing department, not by the telecommunications managers.
The articles in this collection identify and discuss challenges facing community colleges as they attempt to implement the new microcomputer technology for instructional and administrative purposes.
The Company's China engineers have developed the first variable speed winch for off-road vehicles, combining the newest microcomputer and cellular technology.
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