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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Instruction in literature searching and microcomputer applications focuses on the acquisition of techniques and skills.
Remedies include adjusting room lighting, moving the microcomputer or attaching an antiglare shade device to the monitor's screen.
Through the use of modem microcomputer systems, accessing disability related information is a reality for people who are concerned with disabilities.
Putting fax capabilities in a microcomputer (an on-board fax) is one of the newer options for businesses.
Because of their portability, microcomputer systems are highly sought after.
Customizable Reports--Most microcomputer call-accounting software allows the user to select the call-rating formula, the parameters determining which records will be stored for reports and, in some, the column and row headings in the reports themselves.
ATLANTA, May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Hayes Microcomputers Products, Inc.
When executive controls are in operation and in accordance with previous conditions and the executive also enlists close supervision over employee hiring, training, job orientation, job descriptions and duties, he or she can effectively reduce expected losses resulting from improper microcomputer usage.
Our continuing research confirms that hardware and software costs constitute only about one-third of the total cost of microcomputer automation.
IBM's PC was the first widely sold microcomputer to use a 16-bit chip, Intel's 8088 (actually a hybrid design--half 8-bit, half 16-bit).
It develops and designs microcomputer and peripheral systems for the microcomputer/embedded market with the mission of being the "Best Embedded-Engineering Company.
This article discusses business planning for small companies and reviews five microcomputer software packages that facilitate the planning process.
Budget restraints are the principal braking influence on microcomputer acquisitions.
A distinguished luminary in the field of microcomputer software, Rubinstein is best known for founding MicroPro International Corporation.
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