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Neutralizing antibodies against the 5 lyssavirus genotypes tested were found in 16 Microchiropteran and 1 Megachiropteran species (Table).
Adult specimens of 11 microchiropteran bat species were obtained and examined.
Bats and gaps: microchiropteran community structure in a Queensland rain forest.
Fluctuations in availability of arthropods correlated with microchiropteran and avian predator activities.
Almost all species of Microchiropteran bats studied so far have begun these activities close to sunset (Church, 1957; Herreid and Davis, 1966; Swift, 1980; Laborda and Cartwright, 1993).
This study was aimed at knowing the microchiropteran fauna of urban, suburban and rural human settlements of Rawalpindi district.
Average percentages and range for the five main regions of the brain of 47 megachiropteran and 225 microchiropteran species including the Desmodontidae.
Moreover, solitary microchiropteran bats are prime contenders as reservoirs of Marburg and Ebola viruses.
The efficacy of Anabat ultrasonic detectors and harp traps for surveying microchiropterans in south-eastern Australia.