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Creed Huddleston, president of Real-Time by Design, LLC, and author of the new book Intelligent Sensor Design Using the Microchip dsPIC[R] DSC, utilizes Microchip tools in his daily work as an embedded design consultant.
Microchip is committed to supporting its customers by helping design engineers develop products faster and more efficiently.
We are proud that Microchip has decided to provide uC/OS-II Kernel Awareness capabilities in its MPLAB IDE, and we look forward to a long-term relationship.
Its products are highly recognized and requested by our customers," said Jim Pepping, development systems third party support manager for Microchip.
Stockholders of Microchip are cautioned not to place undue reliance on our forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date such statements are made.
Microchip is currently addressing the needs of this market with the only zero-cost-license and royalty-free ZigBee protocol stack, which is one of the smallest in the industry and provides a source-code format that allows designers to customize their product, utilizing Microchip's broad portfolio of compatible PIC([R]) microcontrollers.
A Microchip customer for five years, Linyang is one of the largest manufacturers of power meters in China Co with over 1,600 employees spread across 22 locations and an annual sales revenue of RMB 800 million 2004.
With the introduction of the new PIC16F88X family, Microchip demonstrates its continued commitment to our customers' evolving needs," said Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip's Security, Microcontroller and Technology Development Division.
Microchip will offer users of the PIC16 and PIC18 families of 8-bit flash microcontrollers a simple solution to add ZigBee to their application with the Ember EM260 ZigBee co-processor.
Microchip offers high-performance microcontroller architectures with application-optimized peripherals and an easy migration path to re-use code in whichever microcontroller best fits the application.