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an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain

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Caption: Personalized organoid: Microcephaly results in a small brain (bottom left) at birth (bottom right shows normal brain).
The patient had dysmorphic characteristics including bilateral wide and borderline low-set ears, brachycephaly, low frontal hair line, wide and prominent nose, micrognatia and microcephaly.
Kiaryn, from Shirley, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and microcephaly following a difficult delivery - he has no independent mobility and is visually impaired.
Chantal is no stranger to dealing with special needs children with her own daughter affected by cerebral palsy and microcephaly.
DUBAI: Little Kawthar's frail body has already taken so much: She's partially blind, suffers from microcephaly and spastic quadriparesis, a severe form of cerebral palsy that affects the entire body.
The three major malformations in the adalimumab-exposed group were one ventricular septal defect, one unilateral cryptorchidism, and one case of microcephaly.
These include microcephaly, short palpebral fissures, the long smooth philtrum and thin vermilion of the upper lip, joint anomalies, altered palmar crease pattern, and mental retardation.
Along the way, she raised a family and adopted a baby, now 4, who was born with microcephaly and abandoned by his mother.
However, some clinical features are common, including short stature, microcephaly, mental retardation and seizures.
The anomalies including microcephaly, hydrocephaly and anencephaly were noted in different dose groups.
and colleagues disputed claims that the Hobbit is an example of a new species of human ancestor, positing instead that the individual suffered a growth disorder called microcephaly.
Snyder's own daughter Raegan was born with microcephaly, a rare birth defect characterized by an extremely small head and brain, and multiple disabilities, including the inability to walk and talk.
Among the accepted indications for MRI include microcephaly, macrocephaly, unusual head shapes, regression, or an abnormal neurologic examination.
Admission examination demonstrated microcephaly with absence of the cranium above the orbital ridge with a large portion of neural tissue covered by dura protruding from the top of his head (Figure 1).
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