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having an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain

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In an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Holloway and his research team found that two specific measurements-cerebellar protrusion (how far the base of the brain projects backwards) and relative frontal breadth-could be used to discriminate between microcephalics and unaffected children.
Carmen shared with us that her child was diagnosed as microcephalic during a sonogram 2 weeks before he was born.
The investigators found that 15% were dysmorphic, 5% were microcephalic, and 27% of the patients studied had an abnormal MRI.
Tourette Syndrome, microcephalic seizure disorder, cerebral palsy, spastic deplegia 13 M 9 Severe M.
Reinforcing this message was a 1964 rubella epidemic which resulted in the births of 20,000 damaged infants--many of them deaf, blind, microcephalic, or otherwise severely mentally retarded--to women infected during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The microcephalic "Last Aztecs"(19) were portrayed in bird-like, rather than simian-like terms, during their first French tour in 1855, in complete contradistinction to the later analogies made between microcephalics and hommes- or femmes-singes.
2 Interestingly, one of the great scientific validators of this view was Carl Vogt, who linked the cranial capacity of microcephalic idiots to certain fossil remains, and posited that microcephalics represented contemporary "throwbacks" or "reversions" to an earlier stage of human development (see Eiseley 267-70).
It will be for the first time that actress Naomi Grossma will be returning to reprise her "Asylum" role, the microcephalic character.
Statistical analysis of skull shapes show modern humans cluster together in one group, microcephalic humans in another and the hobbit along with ancient hominins in a third.
Extraordinary People: Britain's Tiniest Toddlers five, 9pm This programme focuses on three children who were born with an incredibly rare condition called microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism - a condition that renders them less than half the size of other kids their age.
Obendorf's hypothesis "makes me wonder what a cretin or a microcephalic would look like in the Palau sample," Berger says.