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having an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain

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As a physiotherapist herself who'd worked with microcephalic babies, she already knew the condition's devastating potential impact: seizures, learning disabilities, problems with speech, vision, hearing and motor function, and for some, a shortened life span.
Regarding perinatal transmission, which is the main focus of this review article, on November 17th 2015 investigators of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (OCI/Fiocruz) detected the presence of ZIKV genome in amniotic fluid samples of two pregnant women in the state of Paraiba (Northeast), in whom ultrasound exams had confirmed microcephalic fetuses.
And the long-term costs of caring for microcephalic children will be high.
In particular the five species that have microcephalic females are each sympatric with species having mesoor megacephalic females: (1) G.
In Brazil, researchers say they are seeing a disproportionate number of microcephalic infants with what appear to be severe deformities, many with four striking malformations at once: a large degree of brain tissue loss; unusually smooth, wrinkleless brains; many calcium deposits; and smaller cerebellums, which play a role in motor control, according to Dr.
These women receive little to no assistance from the Brazilian healthcare system, which is ill-equipped to deal with the sudden jump in the number of microcephalic children and their need for intensive care.
The northeast is Brazil's poorest region, and many mothers arriving at urban public hospitals with cases of microcephalic infants come from modest means in impoverished rural areas.
So far as we know, it doesn't kill anybody -- apart from some of the microcephalic babies, about a quarter of whom die because their brains are too small to control their bodily functions.
One factor driving this over-diagnosis, as scientists working for the Brazilian institute that monitors birth defects noted in a recent report covered by Nature, is that the diagnostic criteria being used to identify microcephalic babies in Brazil right now are very broad.
The Taybi-Linder syndrome, also known as microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism (MOPD) types I and III, is a rare, potentially inherited autosomal recessive condition.
A microcephalic child with neurological deficit and a sac containing cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem structures carry a poor prognosis.
Microcephalic children can suffer developmental and intellectual difficulties that limit intelligence and muscle coordination for life.
SIH-5###6 d/ M###Seizures, hypoglycaemia###4 days###At 2 years, microcephalic with global developmental delay1 and seizures
But with the microcephalic organoid, the researchers may have figured out why microcephalic brains are smaller.